Parents Q&A

Do you allow photography or videography?

No outside photography or videos are allowed, as the Royal Dance Competition wants to protect the privacy of all dancers and choreographers. However, we provide professional photos and videos for all routines, viewable in the lobby throughout the competition. Taking photos or videos may cause a routine to be disqualified.

Is there an entry fee to watch the dancers compete?

No, there is never a fee for audience members. We want our dancers to have as large a fan club as possible in our audience! We choose venues that can accommodate significant crowds so that all dancers can have family and friends on hand to enjoy their performance! However, we do ask that audience members remain in their seats while all dancers are performing, and to keep in mind that every performer deserves respect and common courtesy.

Are parents allowed in the dressing areas or backstage?

Because our dressing areas are often tight, we encourage parents to spend time with their dancers in the lobby, hallways and auditorium. Parents (of the same gender) are allowed in the dressing rooms if needed, but please be advised that room is often limited. For this reason, we also ask that no food or drink (except water) be allowed in the dressing areas. The backstage areas are limited to performers, teachers and studio directors. Prop parents are always appreciated, but we ask that they remain backstage only during the numbers that require props.

Will the event follow the order listed in the program?

The Royal Dance Competition will make every effort to follow the order listed in the program. We invest significant time in scheduling all routines so that dancers have ample time for costume changes. However, we also want to accommodate unexpected glitches and issues, so we will hold numbers at a dancer or director's request if needed, moving on to the next number and coming back to the skipped routine. Our goal is to run on-time events! We do recommend all dancers are ready for their performance time at least 1-2 hours prior to their scheduled time slot, as we often run early. Please warn your parents!

What is the Improv Challenge?

The Royal Dance Competition offers a unique opportunity to those dancers who love to move wherever the music takes them! Dancers in the Improv Challenge will choose a genre, and will dress accordingly. When they go on stage, they will hear a piece of music (different every time) chosen for that genre, and will have 15 seconds to start dancing. The music will fade out after 1 minute. Dancers will then be judged on technique, improvisation ability and stage presence. Dancers can dance solo, with one or two partners, or in groups of 4 or more.

Will all routines receive an award?

Yes! We believe in celebrating the accomplishments of all performers! All routines will be eligible for an adjudicated award based on the judges' assessment of their performance. Each entry receives a Blue Diamond, Diamond, Ruby, Emerald, or Sapphire designation, and every dancer receives a pin/ribbon for duo/trio & groups. High score awards will also be given, with routines being grouped by size and performance level. Additional awards are also given at the judges' discretion, as they celebrate aspects of excellence. There are also Title awards given to soloists who enter the title competition, with winners recognized at the intermediate & competitive levels! And the highest scoring number of the competition will win the Royalty Award, a prestigious award given to only one non-solo number each event!

Will all dancers compete against each other, even if some have more dance experience than their competitors?

No, we use performance levels to separate dancers according to their dance experience. We offer suggestions on how to place dancers, but it is up to the studio owner's discretion to find the best placement for each dancer. Our Novice level is for those dancers who are new to their journey and who are in dance less than 3 hours per week. Our Intermediate division is for those dancers who are advancing but aren't yet to the highest competition level, and who are in dance between 3 and 6 hours per week. Our competitive level is for those dancers who are passionate about dance and would rather be in the studio more than anywhere else (and often are!), dancing more than 6 hours per week. By separating dancers into these levels, we are able to better judge the dancers according to where they should be in their dance journey.