Our Story

Our owners’ combined experience spans more than 40 years, and they represent all aspects of the dance industry: dancer, studio owner, studio manager, competition team manager, and dance parent. We’ve experienced dance competitions from all perspectives, and have created a competition that incorporates all the things we think matter most to dancers, studio professionals, and dance families.

And our events are staffed by personnel from all facets of the dance industry! Our team members love the excitement of the dance competition world, they celebrate dancers at all experience levels, and are dedicated to creating enjoyable events for all in attendance.

Here are a few of the things that make The Royal Dance Competition special:

  • Trophies/ribbons are awarded for every routine and participant

  • Special awards are given throughout the competition

  • Concierges take care of all studios, freeing directors to enjoy the event

  • Judges offer constructive critiques, helping dancers improve with each performance

  • All dancers receive photos/videos for free

  • Special opportunities to be seen by and connect with talent agents that TRDC work closely with.