The Royal Dance Competition


Here's what some of our studio directors say about us

From the very start to the very end this company and their staff are so professional, caring, and a ton of fun! I have to say this is the best competition we have been to hands down!!
Angelina L.
After decades in the competitive dance world it's so refreshing to finally come across a competition like this. They do everything right! It’s such a fun, positive, and relaxed atmosphere for both teachers and students. This allows all of my dancers to perform at the top of their game and still be challenged.
Jessica F.
Best competition I've ever been to. There were so many things to love!!!!!! Definitely returning!
Kaitlynn B.
I had the most amazing time at Royal Dance Competition this past weekend. I decided to add a last minute comp and was hesitant to attend since I had never heard of it. I am so glad I did. My parents and students have been raving about it all week. Their attention to detail is out of this world. They really exceeded my expectations and I highly recommend them to any competitive studio. I look forward to attending for many years to come.
Rosemary P.
Love royal dance competition. they are very organized and things always seem to run ahead of schedule
Deidre L.
I've owned a dance studio for 18 years and have competed over 30 years. This was by far the BEST competition I've ever been to!! The staff treats everyone like royalty and it was so well run and organized! The staff goes above and beyond to make sure all dancers are happy and having fun! We will definitely be back next year!! Thank you!
Kristy D.
This was an amazing competition. Each child was made to feel special! it reiterated that going out on stage and loving to perform is most important. Staff was respectful and fun! The competition was very well organized and ran smoothly!
Brittany R.
Wonderful experience for the entire studio!!!!
Deborah B.
Love, love, loved this competition. Friendly and organised from the minute we walked in the door. Thanks for everything, cant wait until the next one!
Andrea M.
The BEST competition we have ever attended! Our parents already want to go back next year.
Stephanie F.