The Royal Dance Competition

About TRDC

What We Believe

The Royal Dance Competition provides inspiration for dancers: a chance to admire one another, to accomplish their goals and to appreciate the art of dance.

We promote the relationship between the dancers and create an environment in which these new friendships can thrive. Maintaining positivity in a competition is the best way to bring out the best performances from all. We look to the stage as a venue to share with one another. Your dancers should never fear failing --fear never beginning.

THAT is what competition is about.

What Makes Us Different

From the moment you walk through our doors, you will be treated like royalty, in a warm and friendly atmosphere. You will meet your concierge, who will be your personal guide throughout your Royal experience. Your concierge will assist you and cheer you, ensuring that your dancers are on time, feel special and are recognized for their accomplishments.

The Royal staff is comprised of current and former dancers from many facets of the industry, and they are here to help your studio and students to be the best they can be!

What You Can Expect

  • We take pride in the details and presentation -- we will go above and beyond to make your experience amazing.
  • We are passionate and determined -- we personally know the sacrifices given by dancers, families, choreographers, teachers and directors. We want to honor those sacrifices by providing a top-notch competition where your efforts are rewarded.
  • We build a positive team and family spirit -- we want every dancer to feel accomplished, knowing how much hard work they have put into preparing for competition.
  • We want to form a personal relationship with all studios and dancers. We want you to be a part of the Royal Family.